Ted Trotta and Anna Bono have specialized in Antique American Indian Art for over forty years. We are founding members of the Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association and current Board Members. Ted was an original member of The New York Leadership Counsel for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian located at the Custom House in Lower Manhattan.

Ted Trotta is a regular appraiser of Native American Art for the Antiques Roadshow for the past 11 seasons.

Over the years Trotta-Bono has been active in numerous seminars and lectured on Native American material culture, including Sotheby’s Institute’s The Connoisseurship of Native American Art, held at the Peabody Essex Museum.

We have advertised quarterly in American Indian Art Magazine for the last 20+ years as well as individual ads in a variety of prominent National publications.

Trotta-Bono specializes in collection formation and development. We are privileged to have participated in the largest sales of Antique Native American Art to date. We have appraised, brokered, handled and sold countless individual objects in major collections both private and public in the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan.

We look forward to continuing our work with former clients and developing new relationships.


– Anna Bono & Ted Trotta



For Ted and James, the past years have been spent completely immersed in the arts. Travel, cultural diversity and art have been nurtured in our lives since childhood, and fortuitously these are also our passions. We have had similar paths and have been able to double our network and ability by dividing ourselves across the country - Austin and NYC respectively. We have a family who closely works, communicates, supports and advises one another. We have been exceedingly fortunate to design our lives allowing for deep fulfillment through the understanding and marketing of artistic excellence. 

The past decade has opened new directions. Our pursuits have developed alongside Tribal Art to both Modern and Contemporary. We have been fortunate to work with outstanding art and artists and the exchange is simply intoxicating. For us, there is no greater way to earn a living. 


– Ted & James Trotta-Bono


An attitude of gratitude...