Ball-Headed “War Bundle” Club

Ball-Headed “War Bundle” Club


Region / Tribe: Western Great Lakes / Ojibwa

Circa: Late 18th - Early 19th Century

Material: Dense hardwood haft with burl drop (maple?)

Dimension: L. 9” x H. 3 1/2” (top of haft to bottom of ball)

Condition: Excellent, rich patina, no restoration

Collection History: 

-Ex collection Trotta-Bono, New York

-Ex collection William Guthman, Conn.

Reference: The William Guthman Collection, part II. Northeast Auctions, 10/12/06, Lot #800.

Comments: Finely chip-carved along the length of the haft, the end of the handle is pierced for suspension. Effigies of war clubs were ritually included in military society was bundles. They, along with other potent warrior aids, empowered the owner. The burl ball-striking point is grasped in the minimal - abstract mouth of a fierce predator. Bundle clubs are extremely rare with few surviving in public or private collections.

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