Burl Bowl w/ Raised Effigy Crest

Burl Bowl w/ Raised Effigy Crest


Region / Tribe: Eastern Woodlands – Western Great Lakes / Mesquakie (?)

Circa: Late 18th – early 19th C.

Material: Densely figured ash burl

Dimension: L. 14 1/2” x W. 11 1/2” x H. 5 3/4” x Side Walls 1/4”

Condition: Excellent, deep rich patina, softly worn high points, no restoration

Collection History:

-Accession # “URIF 2-31” (?)

-Antique Dealers, Hampton’s, NY,

-Trotta-Bono Col.

-Peter Brams Col. to Trotta-Bono

Comments: This is an extraordinary burl effigy bowl of the early Woodland Period. The raised crest, suggesting an animal head with upturned ears, represents the animating Manitou or spirit imbuing this bowl with great power. It is a ritual object where the user takes sustenance from the cavity of the Manitou. The carver realized a living bowl with pure organic form. There are no tool markings, the hand of the carver is not revealed.

The two raised effigy Manitou crests, an iconic form of Woodland sculpture, are a refined as any known. Form and Function blend harmoniously as the back of the raised crest swells then dips offering ideal handle grips.

Reference: -Powers, Steven S. North American Burl Treen: Colonial & Native American. West Boylston, MA.: Mercantile/Image Press, 2005. P. 116, PL. 6/13 a/b.

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