Engraved Ceramic Bottle

Engraved Ceramic Bottle


Southeast, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas/Caddoan Culture

Circa 700-1200 AD

H. 6 3/4” x W. 5”

H. 7 3/4” x W. 5 1/2”

Ceramic with feint remnants of red ochre

Overall excellent condition. Typical wear to surface. Neck reattached at base, no fill.

Deaccessioned from a private New York State Historical Society.

Museum #

1) 50.229

2) 50.230

1) A finely incised bottle with three large circles with interior design of smaller circles and vertical panals surrounded by hatched separations. Bottle has a polished surface.

2) A short finely incised bottle with three-quarter circles with cross-hatched panals and single hatched lines. Bottle has a polished surface.

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