Fully Beaded Sioux Horse Quirt

Fully Beaded Sioux Horse Quirt


Fully Beaded Sioux Horse Quirt


Circa 1880

Wood, Native tanned buffalo and deer hide, cotton cloth, glass trade beads, saddle leather whip

Excellent condition, no restoration

Quirt length 16 inches, wrist strap length 14 inches, leather whip length 17 inches

Sotheby’s NY, May, 2013.

Trotta-Bono, NY

E. Helene Sage Collection, Bedford, Virginia.

Reference: For an excellent discussion of Plains horse quirts see:

“Plains Indian Horse Gear,” Schiffer Publishing LTD, Atglen, PA, 2012. Pages 88-120

Comments: An exceptional example of a rare form with highly prized blue background beads with alternating diamond designs.

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