Large Square Covered Basket

Large Square Covered Basket


Region / Tribe: Northeastern Woodlands – Connecticut / Mohegan (?)

Circa: Mid 19th C.

Material: Ash splint, natural pigments

Dimension: L. 19” x W. 19” x H. 11 1/2”

Condition: Excellent, very minor soiling spot on lid, no restoration

Reference: McMullen, Ann & Handsman, Russell. A KEY into the Language of Woodsplint Baskets. Published by the American Indian Archaeological Institute, 1987.

Comments: Swabbed and stamped dark red, blue, and lamp black. A finely constructed basket, it is strong, sturdy and visually appealing. The body and lid form a near perfect fit. The stamp decoration on the vertical slats is highly controlled and set between bands of plain and red swabbed wefts. The lid is undecorated.

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