Northern Plains Single-Sided Drum

Northern Plains Single-Sided Drum


Northern Plains Single-Sided Hand Drum

Attributed to the Assiniboine

Circa 1870-1880

Wood, hide, hide thongs, iron nails and pigments

Diameter 16 inches, depth approximately 3 inches

Excellent condition, richly patinated, no restoration

Ex General Charles F. Roe Collection, 1868-1888

General Roe received his military training at West Point and was active in the Indian Wars. From his obituary in 1912: “It was a column under his command that arrived first in the Valley of the Little Big Horn after the defeat of General Custer in 1876.”

Comments: A single-sided hand drum of classic construction on a bentwood hoop. The hide surface is painted and secured with hide and metal nails. The painting consists of concentric sacred circles against a yellow field covered with blue dots. The symbolism reflects cosmological forces: celestial orbs and blue hailstones which represent an emanation of Thunderbird power. The drum is further empowered through color symbolism. Red representing the Upper World, the central blue orb representing the Lower World and the yellow field the Middle Realm of human habitation.

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