Mohave Family Group

Mohave Family Group


Region / Tribe:  Mohave/ Lower Colorado River, Colorado

Circa:  Late 19th Century

Material:  Ceramic, Mineral Pigments -red, black and white, glass beads and fine thread

Dimension:  Male: H. 8 1/2”

Female: H. 8 1/2”

Child:  H. 5 3/4”

Condition:  Overall Very Good. Faces are in excellent condition, re-glued cracks to limbs, loss to male and child’s right arms, beaded earring loss.

Collection History:  Alexander Gallery, New York, New York

Comments:  The group appears to be made by the same artist and meant as a family group. Each figure displays distinctive facial and body “tatooing.” The figures are unclothed and the male and female genitalia are indicated.

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