Seal Effigy Salmon Packer

Seal Effigy Salmon Packer


Region / Tribe:  Yakima/Southern N.W. Coast – Oregon

Circa:  Pre to Early Contact

Material:  Basalt

Dimension:  L. 13 1/4” x W. 2 1/4” (at base)

Condition:  Excellent. Finely pecked, abraded and polished, with a softly worn handle, no restoration

Collection History: Curtright and Son, Oregon

References:  People of the River: Native Arts of the Oregon Territory, Bill Mercer, 2005, pp.74-75.

Comments:  An exceptional minimal depiction of a seal head. The seal effigy head of this salmon packer(pestle) reflects the cyclical relationships among human hunters, seal predators, and the salmon prey of both.

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