Shamanic Whaling Effigy Lance

Shamanic Whaling Effigy Lance


Region / Tribe: Southern NWC / Nootka or Kwakiutl

Circa: 1860 – 1880

Material: Wood, cedar

Dimension: L. 32 ½”

Collection History: From a collection in Maine

Condition: Excellent, deep rich dry patination, (a remarkable instance of preservation. The vertebrate portion, all deeply notched, are no more than ½” in diameter. The proportions are much like an arrow.), no restoration.

Comments: An extraordinary instance of Shamanic whaling paraphernalia. Depicted is a legendary wolf spirit-being disgorging a whaling harpoon, the body of which represents abstract vertebrate and the tail, the fleching of a hunting spear. A distinct extended notch is situated in the middle of the vertebrate portion. Its function is not clear, although it is the identical form of an atlatl hook, and may be an effigy of an atlatl hook.

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