Dance Drum

Dance Drum


Region / Tribe: Southwest - Northern New Mexico / Attributed to Taos Pueblo

Circa: 2nd half 19th Century

Material: Wood, hide, pigments

Dimension: H. 16” x xDia. 14”

Condition: Overall Excellent, typical use-wear patterns, with rich glossy wear highlights, no restoration.

Reference: Wright, Barton. Hopi Material Culture. Heard Museum, Arizona, 1979.

Collection History: 

-Collected in Northern New Mexico

-Chris Selser Collection, NM


Constructed in typical form with animal hide (elk?), stretched and lashed over the hollowed and green-painted trunk of a cottonwood tree. The top drum head is painted with a large yellow sun circle, outlined with four alternating abstract cloud designs in yellow and green. These celestial images impart powerful symbolic associations to the drum, a central component of Pueblo ritual life. The pounding of the drum replicates the heartbeat of mother earth.

This is an exceptional example made by a master craftsman in untouched original condition. 

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