Plains Quirt

Plains Quirt


Region: Northern Plains

Circa: Mid 19th Century

Material: Long grain hard wood, buffalo hide, pony trader blue, red white-heart and white glass beads, sinew

Dimension: L.14” (12 1/4” L. handle)

Condition: Overall Excellent

Collection History:  

New England antique market late 1970’s

Trotta-Bono, New York

Charles Derby, Northhampton, MA

Phil Loeffler to Mac Grimmer to Jim Hart 

Ex. Marvin L. Lince Collection, Oregon

Helene Sage Collection, New Mexico

Trotta-Bono, New York

Comments: Remnants of old label (Sioux(?) Rider…Minnesota) and collection number adhered to handle.

Quirt handle is highly polished from wear. The three rings above the hand grip clearly denote symbolic importance. Rings such as this appear on Upper Missouri Warrior lances, pipe stems and other military paraphernalia.

This is considered to be one of the great quirts extant from the warrior period along the Upper Missouri. 

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