Quilled Black Dyed Pouch

Quilled Black Dyed Pouch


Region / Tribe: Great Lakes / Ottawa(?) - Delaware (?)

Circa: 1780

Material: Blackened buckskin, porcupine quills, tin cone dangles, deer hair, natural pigments. Commercial wool belt with metal buckles

Dimension: H. 9.75” x W. 10”

Condition: Overall very good, with minor restoration (report available upon request)

Collection History: 

-Skinner Auction, Boston, 9/20/2003, lot #260

-Donald Ellis Gallery

-Private Collection

Reference: Phillips, R. Patterns of Power. 1984. Plate 13 (for a Delaware attribution), see also #’s 72 and 74 (for Eastern Great Lakes).

Comments: Collected with period red wool waist belt with commercial buckles and buckskin billets. Belt retained and is in excellent condition.

The black-dyed bag is quill embroidered with powerful symbolic patterns and designs representing manitous of the upper and lower worlds. Ruth Phillips explores in depth this symbolic language in Patterns of Power - examining bags and artifacts of similar form collected between 1800 and 1809 - the Jasper Grant Collection. 

This is a particularly rare form in exceptional condition for an 18th Century functional bandolier pouch. It would have contained accessories for black-powder rifles as well as protective medicine for warfare and the hunt. 

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