Zoomorphic Stone Club

Zoomorphic Stone Club


Region/ Tribe: Southern Northwest Coast Sauvies Island, Columbia River, Oregon

Circa: Pre 1500 AD. 

Material: Fossiliferous, fine grain slate

Dimension: Length 15 inches, Height 5 inches

Collection History: Collection Maurice Bonnefoy, New York City and Paris since the 1960's. 

References: See Attachments

Condition: Very fine - original surface with several dings and abrasions. Soil and mineral deposits.

Comments: Zoomorphic clubs of this form are typically found on Gunther Island, Northern California. Considerably more rare are examples from the Columbia River basin, specifically Sauvies Island. Clubs such as this are typically considered ceremonial, although this example has the weight and heft of a functioning club. The creature depicted appears to be a wolf like creature. Symbolism combines male/phallic and female/vulvic imagery. 
We consider this to be among the finest examples known. 

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